Are all of your auditoriums assigned seating?

Yes! All our standard auditoriums are assigned seating. Your seat number will be on your ticket, and you are able to select your seat online in advance, at our kiosk or with a team member at concessions.


What are your normal business hours?

We unlock the doors 30 minutes prior to our first movie for the day, and we lock the doors 30 minutes after the last movie has started. We do not have set business hours. 


What if I’ve already purchased my tickets online and I need to make a change to the seats I chose?

We can always help with a seat exchange, you can email us at help@royalcinemaspooler.com to have it switched. If you did not purchase your tickets online, you will need to come in with your tickets to be able to make any changes.  


What is your refund policy?

All ticket sales are final. You will see this before you purchase tickets online and at the theater. We do not offer a refund once your transaction has gone through. In emergency situations, please call to speak to a manager or email help@royalcinemaspooler.com  before your movie show time. Convenience fees for online ticket purchases are nonrefundable. 


What is the age for children/ seniors as far as ticket pricing?

Children are 3-11. Seniors are 55+. If you have a child who is under 3 and will require his/her own seat, you will need to purchase a ticket for that child as we do assign seating and charge per seat in our standard auditoriums.  


What is your matinee cut off?

All movie show times that take place before 5:00pm.


Why is there a convenience fee for my online purchases?

To guarantee you are able to get your tickets before the sell out, we offer the convenience of purchasing tickets online. To ensure we can maintain this service for our valued guests, we charge a small fee per ticket. The charge per ticket is displayed on the confirmation page at checkout. For any emergency ticket refunds or credit, convenience fees for online ticket purchases will not be refunded.


How do I purchase a gift card?

Physical gift cards can be purchased inside the theater at the concessions stand by a team member.  We also have virtual gift cards available on the here


Do you offer a rewards program?

Yes, we do have a “Royalty Program”. It is a card-less program where you use your 10 digit phone number as your loyalty card number. You can earn 1 point for every dollar you spend with us. At 75 points, you will receive a FREE large popcorn. When you reach 150 points, you will receive a FREE movie ticket (IMAX excluded). Then, it starts all over again. You can choose to use your rewards right away, or save them for another time, your rewards and points will never expire. If you are already a loyalty member , you can check your loyalty points here.  

*As of right now you can earn points at our concessions and grill when you use your loyalty number at the time of purchase. Just give the cashier your loyalty number. Use for online purchases and Kiosk purchases are coming soon!


When is your movie schedule posted for the weekend releases?

We typically finalize our movie schedule on Mondays. If you do not see movie times for the coming weekend on Monday, they will be posted no later than Tuesday afternoon.


What is the Director’s Hall?

Our Director’s Hall is the auditorium that is connected to our Royal Grille. The reason we have a name for this is to distinguish it from all of our other standard auditoriums. This auditorium is unique because it is the only one you are able to take the alcohol from the bar into. You can also order food from the bar and the bar staff will bring your food to you while you are seated to watch the movie.


What is your rated R policy?

We follow MPAA policies in rating. To watch a film that is rated R you must be 17 and older with a valid ID. If under the age of 17, they must have a parent or guardian to stay with them for the duration of that film. At our location the age of the responsible adult must be 21 to accompany the person that is under the age of 17.